Review Time! American Journey Oven-Baked Treats Edition

It’s review time! I’ll start off by saying that these are a total hit with both my dogs, they are grain-free, they contain no artificial ingredients and are very limited when it comes to ingredients which is a plus! These treats come in 3 different flavors lamb, chicken, and turkey. They also come in 2 sizes 8 oz, and 16 oz. I purchased the 8 oz bags since I wasn’t sure my dogs would even like them when I opened the package it was literally filled to the brim with treats, no empty space whatsoever so there is a ton of treats even in the 8 oz packages. The treats themselves are cookie shaped and bite-sized. They don’t stink like some treats do, and they’re also somewhat soft so they can be given to dogs with sensitive teeth. You can buy them on as far as I know that is the only place you can purchase these treats at this time. They are also super affordable! I will leave the link down below let me know what you think!


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